Learning Cyber Security

Get a short introduction to a few of the security topics you’ll be learning about.

Task 1 Web Application Security

To attack web applications, you need to understand how they work. Hacking websites isn’t some magical process but does come down to knowing how a part of a website functions and being able to identify weaknesses to take advantage of. Once you have a good understanding of the fundamentals, you’ll learn about the techniques and tools used in hacking sites.

If something is vulnerable, it means there is the possibility of it being attacked or harmed. If an application or system has a vulnerability, there is something that can be attacked or taken advantage of (a weakness).

Answer the questions below

Q. Read the above and learn how to hack BookFace, TryHackMe’s vulnerable social media site.

Ans: No Ans Needed

Q. What is the username of the BookFace account you will be taking over?

Ans: Ben.Spring


Step 1 click the View site

fig 1

see the thumb pointing
click on the thumb
=> Takes to the other page

fig 2

=> here you can see the user name.

Q. Hack the BookFace account to reveal this task’s answer!



Here to get the flag you needed to crack the pasword fo the user Ben.Spring

follow the steps in the fig

here read the info given in the image.

Finally we got the flag.

Task 2 Network Security

Networking is really important to understand in cyber security. From scanning and identifying who and what is on a network, to reviewing network logs to monitor and track what users have been up to will require you to have an understanding of how networks work.

TryHackMe’s Complete Beginner learning path will walk you through the networking concepts and give you enough knowledge to get started in your cyber security journey.

Answer the questions below

Q. Read the above, and see how Target was hacked on the right hand side.

Ans: No Ans Needed

Q. How much did the data breach cost Target?

Ans: $300 million

To get the answer from the research just view the site by clicking the viewsite button

Task 3 Learning Roadmap

Above is a learning path roadmap. The Complete Beginner path will teach you the computing basics and introduce you to some security techniques. Once you have the security basics, enroll in either the Offensive Pentesting or the Cyber Defense path.

The skills you acquire from the learning paths will prepare you for a career as an ethical hacker, penetration tester or cyber security analyst.

Answer the questions below

Q. Read the above

Ans: No Ans Needed

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